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The getaway, the adventure, the experience you have been searching for is finally here! Gather your friends, family, and colleagues and join us in the newest interactive entertainment game in North America. Erebus Escape provides realistic scenarios backed with a Hollywood styled plot and special effects. Solve a murder, break out of prison, fight off the undead or save the human race... the only limit to your memories will be your imagination.

Escape Game - An interactive room or series of rooms themed around a mission where a team of players work together to unearth clues, solve physical and mental puzzles and riddles, all within the constraints of a set game time.





Lockdown Esccape Room Prison Jail Cell

Game Type:



60 Minutes


(Min. 3) Rec. 8-12

"Whether you're in for life or just under an hour is totally up to you..."

Step away from the normal 9 to 5. No more rush hour traffic, no homework, no fixing dinner. In fact, you just tornadoed into 3 felonies and have been on the run for hours now. Inevitably, you're caught and thrown in the slammer. This maximum high security prison is your new home. Whether you're in for life or just under an hour is totally up to you. Do you have the skill set and street smarts to elude the guards and slip through the cracks. Do you have what it takes to think like a convict? Cunning, manipulative, primal, a one track mind focused on one thing and one thing only... ESCAPE!

"...weapon of magic so powerful that the gods forbid it..."

Extinction Escape Room Lab Laboratory Science

Game Type:



60 Minutes


(Min. 2) Rec. 8-12

"...more than half of the global population deceased and infection rates exponentially increasing..."

Northstar Laboratories has been the cutting edge of technological advancements in genetic research and mutation with a central focus in  virology. Dr. Nelson Rhodes and his team of leading research biochemists predicted the onslaught of human extinction. The skeptical government officials laughed at the prospect of such a virus and to avoid widespread panic, immediately discredited his life’s work and revoked his ASC Certification. Northstar may have been closed on the books, but Dr. Rhodes successfully birthed the only known antidote for Compound M-B-Z. With more than half of the global population deceased and infection rates exponentially increasing, can you get into the lab and retrieve mankind's only hope?

There is legend of a magic throne as old as time that has never had a ruler nor does anyone know who constructed the incredible fortress it resides in. Some say there is even a sacred part of the Castle holding a weapon of magic so powerful that the gods forbid it from ever touching the hands of the unworthy. The Castle lives and breathes on its own feeding off the magical throne, awaiting the rightful ruler. But only the chosen one will be allowed to compete within the Castle walls. Man, woman, or child who passes all of the trials and challenges will be named heir to the throne and fall into the order of succession.

Game Type:



60 Minutes


(Min. 2) Rec. 8-12

"Since Mr. Parker's death, a little over 10 months ago, death rates have skyrocketed."

Game Type:



60 Minutes


(Min. 2) Rec. 8-12

Parker's Funeral Parlor has been a staple in the town for decades. Providing beautiful ceremonies for loved ones as they pass on to the next life. But some bizarre questions have left reporters and police scratching their heads... Since Mr. Parker's death, a little over 10 months ago, death rates have skyrocketed. And the new owners of the funeral home never seem to be around. Nobody is looking to point the finger... but  whispers of the something strange occurring at the funeral home have spread like wildfire. And the Parker's did have that really weird son...


What is an Escape Game?

An interactive experience where a team or group of players select a themed room and are given a mission to escape or solve a mystery through puzzles and riddles.

How much does a game cost?

An Erebus Escape ticket costs $28.00 and is valid for a scheduled 60 minute escape game.

Are you actually locked in a room?

No you are not locked in the room. There are emergency exits throughout each game but are only to be used in cases of emergency. Utilizing these doors during your experience will result in your game ending immediately.

Is it scary like Erebus Haunted Attraction?

No, the makers of Erebus Haunted Attraction are expanding into other areas of interactive entertainment. Erebus Escape provides incredible adventures offering all the fun without the fear. #funwithoutfear  If you don't believe us, check out our social media links at the bottom of the page and see for yourself.

How do I book a game?

Please click the Book Now button at the top of the screen to see availability and reserve your time slot. Online reservations and bookings must be made 2 hours prior to the start of your game. Bookings are all reserved online, with a credit card, prior to your arrival.

How many players are required per Game?

A minimum number of 2 players is needed to play each game (3 Players: Lockdown). Please note that every escape game has a minimum number of players and recommended number of players. By choosing to play with less people, you understand that the game may be considered more difficult... "two heads are better than one"

Will I be playing games with strangers?

You may be teamed up with other players if you do not reserve all tickets for the game's time slot. If you choose to have a private game, you are still required to meet the minimum player requirements.

When should I arrive?

You should arrive 15 minutes prior to the time slot you reserved. Please have the waiver that is emailed to you already signed by you and your entire group. You have 60 scheduled minutes of game time for your specific game. If you arrive late you will have less game time. There are no refunds for arriving late or no shows.

Is there an age limit?

No, Erebus Escape allows players of all ages. If a minor wishes to play (14 and under), an adult (18+) must reserve the booking with the minor and also be present in the game. You are allowed to book a full game for minors but an adult (18+) must make the booking and remain in the Erebus Escape lobby for the duration of the game.

What should I wear or bring?

Wear something comfortable. You may have to reach or crawl through certain areas of your game. Bring your brain and your imagination! No jackets, cellphones, tablets, calculators, pens or paper etc. will be permitted inside the games. We have secure lockers on site for you to leave your belongings in free of charge, so be sure to arrive 15 minutes early.

What if I booked a game and can't make it?

Because this is a live event experience we do not issue any refunds. If you let us know at least a week ahead of your scheduled time, we can reschedule you or give you credit toward a future booking. For bookings less than a week away, we can release your tickets and if we can re-sell them, we can reschedule you or give you credit toward a future booking.


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